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Verona Granite and Marble Importers is a family owned business located in Fall River, Massachusetts. We are a wholesale distributor of the highest quality of natural and engineered stone. Our goal is to offer quality stone products, competitive pricing and a knowledgeable team of professionals to assist you selecting the stone that best suits your individual needs.

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Alaska White Granite


Granite is very durable and functional. Granite's crystalline structure is far more resistant to abrasions, staining and discoloration than most marbles. Denser and stronger than all natural stones, granite is an excellent choice for high traffic areas where class and style is desired. Granite feels at home in a country farm house as well as a modern high rise. The variety of colors and textures are traits that set granite apart from the rest. This remarkable stone is ideal for kitchen countertops, accent islands, bar tops, dining tables, flooring- the options are endless!

Alaska White Granite


Marble is among the most elegant and luxurious of stones. It is a non-foliated (cannot be broken into layers) metamorphic rock that is white when pure and is stronger than the rock from which it forms (parent rock). It possesses weak chemical bonds (is susceptible to attack from acids), and easy to carve and polish. Due to chemical impurities in the parent rock, marble can take on color such as green, pink. Marble is known to be a more porous, softer stone than some of its natural stone counterparts. Its nature lends itself to staining and etching more easily.

Alaska White Granite


Onyx is a form of marble, comprised mostly of calcite. Like other marbles, onyx is much softer than granite and is likely to stain or etch. Unlike other marbles, onyx is translucent and can be lit from behind to showcase its beauty. Onyx is an extremely variable stone with heavy veining. No two pieces of onyx are ever exactly alike, and one slab might contain dozens of colors. Onyx slabs are not as large as granite slabs because the material is much more fragile and unlikely to be extracted in such a large block.

Alaska White Granite


Whereas granite is an igneous rock found more abundantly than quartzite, deep in the earth's crust, providing the base for the many continents' sedimentary rock, quartzite consists of a larger volume of quartz than granite; under heat and pressure combined, quartzite is formed from sandstone and quartz, and with the amount of pressure undergone, empty grains of sandstone are stuffed with quartz. This means quartzite is actually harder. On the Mohs scale of hardness, from 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest, granite measures in at around 6-6.5, and quartzite measures in at approximately 7.