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Verona Granite and Marble Importers is a family-owned and operated business located in Fall River, Massachusetts. We are a wholesale distributor of the highest quality natural and engineered stone. We are known for our great customer care and the quality of the materials we carry.


Our goal is to offer superiority in stone products, competitive pricing, and a knowledgeable team of professionals to assist you to select the stone that best suits your individual needs. Our exquisite selection of natural and engineered stones offers the perfect starting point for any room.

 Let our knowledgeable staff help you make the right decision and give every project an elegant and personal touch.


It has a look that is often similar to marble and a durability comparable to granite, this natural stone seems to have it all.

It is resistant to common kitchen acids and will not etch when exposed to things like lemon juice or vinegar.

Caring for quartzite is similar to caring for granite. 


It can stand up to the most difficult situations and uses, easily handling hot pots and pans or sharp knives.

It requires little maintenance, although there are different opinions regarding its care.



It ranks higher than marble on the durability scale, largely due to its dense mineral composition.

 Thanks to its higher level of non-porosity, dolomite can generally withstand liquids & acids more successfully than marble over time. Still, this stone is not totally maintenance-free. It does require sealing on a regular basis to preserve its pristine appearance.


It is a relatively soft stone.

It can etch if spills aren’t cleaned up right away, and it naturally develops a patina, or change in color due to oxidation, over time.



Once you’ve come to terms with soapstone’s softness, you can revel in its strengths.

By and large, the stone is remarkably resistant to staining or damage from acids.


Even though the name “quartz” refers to a natural mineral, engineered quartz is a manufactured product.

It’s made from quartz particles bonded together with resin, pigments, and other ingredients.

Engineered surfaces are not immune to staining, chipping, scratching, or damage from excessive heat. Just as with any other material, users of manufactured quartz surfaces need to be mindful of the properties of engineered quartz and the particular requirements for its care.



705 Quequechan Street,

Fall River, MA 02721


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